Rehabilitation robotics: the Inail experience

Centro Protesi INAIL


Inail, the Italian Institute for insurance against accidents at work, promotes and carries out research activities, in the clinical-rehabilitation field, aimed at the development of innovative medical devices for the functional recovery of people injured at work and the improvement of their quality of life. This research activity is carried out by the Centro Protesi (Inail prothesic unit) in Budrio and the Centro di riabilitazione motoria (Inail rehabilitation unit) in Volterra, both of which belong to the Inail central department of prosthetic and rehabilitation assistance. The research projects are carried out in collaboration with scientific partners of excellence and they have the aim of developing new devices, which can be made available to patients thanks to technology transfer. Hannes, a new upper limb prosthetic system, and Twin, an innovative lower limb exoskeleton, are the first tangible results of the Inail research network.


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Centro Protesi INAIL
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Centro Protesi INAIL