Introducing Adam’s Hand: The World’s First Fully Adaptive Bionic Hand

BionIT Labs


Adam’s Hand is the World’s First Fully-Adaptive Bionic Hand: it is based on a game-changing technology which uses only one motor - instead of the 5-6 motors generally used by other bionic hands - to move all the fingers, making them automatically adapt to grasped objects’ shape and size: this way, there’s no need to select any pre-set grip pattern, as it happens in the case of all the other commercially available poli-articulated hands, but the user has only to decide if opening or closing the hand, while Adam’s Hand automatically performs the most suitable grip pattern for each grasped object.This makes the device extremely simple to use, since it requires less visual attention - and therefore less psychological load - for the user to grip an object: the subject then learns to use Adam’s Hand very quickly, and to control it in an extremely intuitive way. Moreover, the adaptive mechanism allows the grip forces to be equally distributed among the fingers, thus ensuring always a firm grip of the grasped objects